All About Rose Gold Self Tanning Mousse

Come on in Girl!!

Welcome to the Rose Gold Sunless Family.

Hi I am Kathryn owner/artist at SunSpray by Kathryn and I am a professional spray tan artist and have been working in the sunless industry for the past 19 years.

Samantha owns Blue Layne Boutique an online clothing retailer. When she isn’t on a buying trip to pick out amazing new fashion trends she is managing the beauty schedules of her team of boutique models for photoshoots and live videos.

We have been a team for over 7 years, working together on our businesses.
We are also favorite friends!
To say that spray tans and self-tanner is a part of our daily life would be an understatement.
We know you love a pretty tan.
But are often struggling with the products on the market.
We were too! And this is what we do all day!

We tried SO many self-tanners. Lotions, mousse, spray. With bronzer, without bronzer.

We spent WAY too much money ordering product that ended up sitting on the counter because it was orange or too messy or smelled horrible.  All the standard self-tanner complaints.

It was time to get serious and figure out a solution!

Our struggles:

With frequent photoshoots and live videos the Blue Layne Models need to be tan and their skin flawless.  Orange streaky self-tanner is not an option and neither is a patchy fading spray tan.

Sam’s boutique model self tan requirements:

  • her models skin needs to be picture perfect and bronzed
  • tans can’t be muddy or dirty looking
  • self tanner color needs to photograph like a real natural tan
  • Oh, and the bronzer COULD NOT rub off onto clothing

We had so many girls coming in to test shoot with messy self-tanner that was leaving bronzer all over the clothes.

First, we worked on our spray tan formula developing a beautiful deep tan that mimics a “just off the beach” look that flatters all skin types.

This sunless solution blend photographs beautifully!!!

At my studio, this is the Blue Layne Model Spray and is one of my TOP requested spray tans.

So many comments during the Blue Layne live videos on how beautiful our model’s tans are and how were they able to keep that color looking so pretty and fresh!!

No orange here and a perfect fade!

Finally, we were getting somewhere.

But that only works if you are local and can get in with me for a spray tan appointment and the requests for tans were coming from all over the United States.

So, we got to work developing a self-tanner for at home, travel and touchups between appointments with your favorite spray tan artist.

So our self tanning mousse was born!

We think it’s the perfect self tanning product!

Easy to use, doesn’t smell, doesn’t stain, build-able color so it works with all skin tones.

Giving you that just off the beach look we were able to create with our custom blended spray tan solution.

Without exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Our Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse is just the beginning of our journey.  We are listening to you as we are working hard to create new formulas and products to help you with all of your self-tanning needs.

Our products are made in the USA not overseas, are cruelty free, gentle and all natural.

We want you to feel amazing in your skin whenever you need that boost of color and confidence.

We are so glad you are here,

Samantha and Kathryn